Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween Y'all!!! We had a great holiday!  It was so much fun to see Aidan Trick or Treat this year because he actually knew what was going on.   He had a great time.  He practiced saying Trick or Treat for weeks leading up to the big night.  As usual we spent the evening at my parents house.  They get about 600 trick or treaters and their neighbors have some of the greatest decorations.  It's a kids Halloween dream come true and extremely entertaining for the adults.   We actually saw a Winnebago driving around about 30 kids, a man walking a goat dressed up and an entire family dressed up as the characters from Toy Story. Their dog was Woody!!! It was too cute.  I know all you really care about it the pictures so here they are...of our little pumpkin.

He agreed to pose for some pictures.
 I did somehow get him to agree to wear tights tonight. Even though he says they are for "guuuurls".
 Loosing focus.  He was ready to go.
 Headed to Trick or Treat with Daddy.  This was Adam's first Halloween he didn't have to work so he was really anxious to take him. He was thrilled to go with his Daddy but was confused as to why Uncle Bob wasn't with him this year.
 Random photo.  If you look really close, this guy is walking a GOAT! Only in Dilworth.
 He quit pretty early. I think he was pumped to get home and eat some candy!
 Banana flavored Tootsie Pop.  I tried it and it was gross.
 Fuzzy self portrait of the hubby and I.
 He helped pass out candy.
 Walking on Nana and Grandpa's terrace wall.

 Daddy let him sit in his lap the last 20 ft of the ride home.  He loves to "drive".   He honked the horn at a guy walking his dog and Adam rolled down his window to apologize.  "Sorry man, I am teaching my three year old how to drive."  You should've seen his face.  Haha!

We hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween! Can't wait to see pics of everyone's costumes in the coming days.   I think I am going to spread my wings and make Aidan's costume next year.  Maybe by then we will have a new baby and I can coordinate their costumes!!! ; )


Amanda said...

So cute - looks like he had a great time, tights and all :)

Joanna said...

He's just too cute! I love your new makeover :) It's funny I inquired about a blog makeover to the "Design girl" about a month ago...I mean I'm not going to be a "newlywed" forever...ha! maybe some cute makeover for the new year!