Monday, October 4, 2010

I Made Her Day

When Adam and I were in Boston, my mom lost the center stone in her wedding ring.  She was DEVASTATED!!!  She still had the same diamond that my Dad proposed to her with.  So she was being very sentimental which is completely understandable. 

The entire family was down in the dumps for her. Since she had been staying here at our house with Aidan while we were gone, Adam and I scoured the house looking for it and I even kept from vacuuming for days in hopes I wouldn't suck it up.  You know just in case.

Well the weeks have passed and we had all pretty much given up hope of ever finding it.  Tonight, my mom was at her accounting class and I called my Dad to ask if Aidan could hang with him while I ran to get my self a veggie sub.  For those of you that don't know they live 7 blocks away so this is typical.  I picked up the sub and then grabbed Aidan from my parents and as I was stepping off the breeze way on to their walkway to head to the driveway, I looked down and there she was!!  The light hit it just perfect. I knew the second I saw that glimmer exactly what it was.  I bent down and dug it out of the crack between two pavers.  My eyes immediately filled with tears. I can't tell you how many times I have prayed I would be the one to find this diamond for her.  Adam has done the same.  She is such an wonderful mom, you just want to be able to make her smile.

I craddled it in my hand and ran inside to show my Dad.  He proceeded to tell me that I found it because "Good things happen to good people" which made me feel amazing and of course I was thinking the same thing about my mom.  If anyone ever deserved to find something they loved and lost, it's her. 

So long story short, I waited around for her to get home from school and handed her, her precious gem.  She was so grateful.  Like I had placed it there and then found it.  It felt so good to do a little something for her for once.  I'm pretty sure I made her day.

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