Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Blog Design Reveal!!!

Drum Roll please....So what do you think of the new blog? I am so excited it is finally complete. I am sure it would have been done a lot sooner but I am not the best at making decisions. The picture we used at the top is a little outdated but I should hopefully have a new one soon!!! I used Danielle over at the Design Girl after seeing her work around the blog world.   I am sure she is happy she is done with me (for now ha ha).

Best decision I EVER made. I am thrilled with the result and she was so easy to work with and worth every penny. Not to mention she just moved to Chicago and I am living vicariously through her blog since I've never been there. Oh and she wears sequined skirts and makes smores cupcakes. How could you not love her? Anyways, check her out and if you want you blog to look the best, get on her wait list.

Thanks so much Danielle! I love it!!!

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