Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Design Daydreams

There is a whole new meaning to "Design Daydreams" around here.  Now, instead if making a "shopping list" of things I want to buy for my home I am now literally daydreaming about those things.   Ever since we removed the wall between our living room and dining room I feel as if my house is a wreck.   There are so many things left to get done before the holidays.  For no reason other than, I want  room(s) to look especially good in Christmas pictures???  I don't know the reason so I'm asking myself.

When I was in design school there were two cardinal rules. One being never call a sofa a couch. It's a sofa.  Second.  Never hang your TV above your fireplace.  Well ladies, what fun are rules if they can't be broken and even more, what choice do I have, it won't fit anywhere else! Ha.  A lot of things would be able to take place if I could just get the guy over here to hang my TV.  Which brings us to our latest marital debate...the swivel mount.   You don't even want to know.

I thought about doing candle sconces on the side of the TV and then I really thought that would probably not be a great idea.  I have decided on topiary's.  Like these.  18" tall.  Ballard Designs.   I will probably do some candles low.  You know I love my candles. Ha ha.

This would be perfect above the TV. If there is any room left up there.  Also Ballard Designs.

There is also this huge red cabinet I have now gone to purchase twice and haven't been able to do it.  Like I am afraid I will have buyers remorse.  I now know for sure that I want it and it is for sure not in my budget this month. Go figure.  One day you will be mine Rojo Cabinet from Crate and Barrel.  One day very soon.  Even if I don't eat for two months.  This would go on the far wall of the dining room.

I am going to buy another (yes we have one in the playroom) jute rug from Ikea for the dining room. I love them.

Window Treatments I need you bad.  I took the old ones down and gave them away.  Since then, I have tried to find the perfect fabric to make my own and have found nothing. 
I love the look of these chocolate brown velvet drapes.  I may go with the Sanela drape from Ikea.  They are a nice weight and at $50 a pair for the 98" length, it's a no brainer.

I've got to tell you, I am little bit bored with all the family photos we have hanging up.  Visiting my parents does not help because they have beautiful artwork everywhere in their home. The one reason I am hoping their house sells is so that I can acquire some art. A condo just wouldn't be big enough for it all.  I recently bought a painting off of Craig's List of a barn. I love it but it needs a new frame.   So we are in the market for some new things to hang on our walls.  I will be keeping a few things we had, and still using some family photos but I have been looking at these (again Ikea, I don't know what the deal is).

This is a new poster they are carrying and I love it. If I could catch a framing sale at Hobby Lobby or Michael's this could be really nice.  Adam hates it.
I love this painting. Don't ask me why because I don't have an answer.  I think the frame sucks but again, a small problem.
I finally got my Nana's wing back chair to my house. Now I just have to pick out a fabric and make the slipcover.  We all love the chair. I sit in it everyday and blog.  It makes me miss her so much but so happy at the same time.  I hope it turns out a little but like this. This slipcover was purchased. Mine will be hand made! Scary. I may have Adam cut the two front legs down and put small casters on it.

Our White Ikea Chairs are pretty but they need a little something.  I am going to make some pillow covers with burlap and stamp bumbles bees on them.  Or maybe an H.  But once again, I burnt on the monogram.  Much smaller than these.
via Greige design.

The dresser where the TV is now we will keep in the same place and I am going to hang the mirror that prior to now, hung above the fireplace.  I have a half dozen buffet lamps in my attic and I will probably paint  a set and put them on that table .  Maybe that is where the permanent home will be for the bird house I bought at the yard sale. 

I want to move the sofa in to a new configuration but I don't know how I would like for it to look.  Did I tell you I bought these pillow covers?  Pottery Barn of course.

So that's where I am right now with the living room.  It's such a work in progress. Sometimes I start to let it stress me out and then I just have to remember how much I love doing this kind of stuff. Even though I can't buy it all at once, when it's done, it will be gorgeous.  Hopefully. xoxoxox

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