Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday Funday

Last week I decided to give up my seat at the Panther's game so Adam could have a day at the game with the guys. My dad was out of town and my mom had already committed to watching Aidan, so I figured instead of being the only female in a group of guys (which no one ever minds), I would just let them have a good ole fashion Football Sunday without a lady tagging along. 

Aidan has been sick the tail end of this week.  We had planned on going to a friend's Halloween party during the day on Saturday but with there being so many small babies in attendance, I didn't want to be the mom to bring the sick kid and upset all those moms.   Aidan was pretty bummed he didn't get to dress up in his ***spoiler alert*** pumpkin costume so my mom and I decided even though he was kind of under the weather, we would try to get him out today to have some fun. 

On our list of things to do:  The Hot Air Balloon Festival in Statesville and watching planes take off and land at the Airport Overlook park. 

What actually happened: We drove almost an hour to the Balloon Festival.  Realized the balloons were only going to be set up right around the time we needed to be at the airport picking up my dad from his trip.  So we let Aidan let loose on all the bounce houses and then we walked around for an hour spending money on things we didn't need for lack of better things to do and to get our the almost 80 degree heat at the tail end of October.    Didn't see a single balloon.   We left Statesville and headed to the airport overlook park and watched airplanes take off and land for an hour and a half.  Aidan was in heaven.

THEN after the Panther's game, we met Adam back at our house and my brother Bobby stopped by with the brilliant idea to take Aidan bowling for the first time.  His attention span lasted one game and he beat me.  It was a great Sunday.

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