Sunday, October 10, 2010

Loving This Salad

I know I haven't told you girls, but I started Weight Watchers three weeks ago. I have already lost 10 lbs. I am pretty proud of myself but I don't want to talk about it too much because that's usually when I stop doing it.  My goal is to loose at least 35lbs by Christmas. I don't know if that's even possible with Thanksgiving in between now and then but pray for me, I want to loose this weight.  After Christmas I plan to keep on loosing I just want to set small goals.

I have been making this salad at home and it's sooo good I wanted to do a post about it.  It's a big deal to make something I love because I am so picky and I hate my own cooking.  This was a big accomplishment for me to make something I want to eat all the time! Haha. 

My Little Salad Recipe:

Spring Mix ( I buy the stuff you scoop yourself but they sell it in plastic containers and that's really good too) as much or as little as you  like. 
1/2 Pear, sliced
1/3 c Craisins
1/4 c Blue Cheese Crumbles
2 Tbs. Maple Grove Farms Fat Free Poppy seed Dressing
Weight Watchers Points=7

I promise you it is absolutely delish!

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Holly said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! I also have lost weight but I opted for the Lap Band route - I AM GREATLY LACKING IN THE WILL POWER DEPARTMENT!!!!! I tried each and every diet and when anyone would even mention diet to me I would get so depressed then I would turn around and eat like 5 grown men to heal my feelings!!! I had my surgery 3 yrs. ago Nov 7. I've lost 180 lbs. but still have at least 60 to go!!!! YEP, I AM A BIG BIG GIRL!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! AGAIN, LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR SUYL HOME PICTURES!!!!! YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD GO INTO BUSINESS - I WOULD BE YOUR FIRST CUSTOMER!!!!! Take care!!


Holly N. Madugula
Arlington, TX