Monday, October 25, 2010

The Parenting Files

Adam and I love being parents. I mean really love it.  So much that every time we talk about it, we up the number of children we would like to have!  Honestly, if my body let me and we could afford it, we could honestly end up with a house full of 5 or 6 kids.  I know that makes my mom a little nauseous but it sounds dreamy to me!!

So, to my story...I bought Aidan some books from the Scholastic Book Club that they started at his school {do you remember those days?}.  I bought him "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" , "Fireman Ted",  one of those "I Spy" books and "Puff The Magic Dragon".  Well, he gets bent out of shape when we read the Caterpillar book because he says no caterpillar could ever eat that much food.  He loves anything Fireman related but I think he thinks Ted is a little blas√©.  Who can find anything in those I Spy books anyway?  Puff though, oh that Magic Dragon, he loves him. 

Adam and I fight every night over who has to read "Puff The Magic Dragon" because well Aidan wants it sung not read.  Y'all I can't carry a tune in a bucket.  And Adam is better than me, but still, it's bad.   They make you read {or in our case, sing} the following verse twice and whenever it's Adam's night, I almost pee my pants from laughing.  Give it a try for yourself...{make sure you sing out of tune}.

"Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea, he frolics in the autumn mist, in a land called Honalee."

We're just a mess.  But we laugh and we love it.  And most of all, we make Aidan smile and for that, we'll be the parents that make fools of ourselves until the end of time and enjoy every minute of it.

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