Sunday, October 17, 2010

Not Really a Conversation With a Three Year Old...But Sort Of

I went grocery shopping the other day and bought a ton of fruit.

Me: Adam, can you seriously believe Aidan ate two of the bananas and two of the apples tonight? 

Adam: Are you complaining about his healthy eating habits?

Me:  No, I am complaining that he ate that in 30 minutes right before dinner and I couldn't stop him.  Then he didn't eat dinner. 

Adam: Have you tried hiding the fruit instead of leaving out in the fruit bowl on the island.

Me: Great idea. I've got the perfect place.  I'll put it all in the microwave, he will never find it there.

Next morning. We are laying in bed, I hear Aidan get up and head to the kitchen.  I'm listening. Open fridge. Grab milk I made for him for this a.m.  Close fridge.  Hear his little mitts feeling around the top of the island for fruit (you know cause he can't see up there).  Silence for a minute. 

Aidan: (screaming) MOMMY!!!! DADDY!!!! Someone hid our fruit in the microwave.  Don't worry, I found it.

Adam: Good one.

Me: Damn it.

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Kate G. said...

Hahahah. That's awesome.