Saturday, July 3, 2010

What If?

I know some of you will think this is ridiculous BUT Adam and I play the lottery every week. I honestly leave it all up to him because I know nothing about it.  I know the numbers we pick and they are the same every week but that's about it. 

So we talk often about what we would do if we won the lottery.  Hey, it could happen.  I mean, What if?

In case you were wondering, this is currently what we would do if we won the lottery. The list is kinda long.

1) Immediately call Kelly.  He is our family financial planner and a good friend.  We would enlist him to help us manage the money so that we were smart.   Put money away for college for the kid(s). 

2) Give some to charity.  A charity that helps children.  Since children seem to be our passion these days. 

3) Make my Dad retire. He has taken care of all of us for too long.  It's our turn to let him just live.

4) Get health insurance and get pregnant.  All in the same day if possible.  Haha.  Since this is the one thing keeping us from having a baby currently.   Adam's company doesn't have benefits and we wanted to pay off some debt before we bought our own. Don't worry Aidan is covered.

5) Give our current house to my brothers Bobby & Jordan.  They can be roomies and save money until they figure it all out.  

6/7)  Buy a big lot in the city and build a new house and update our cars. Nothing crazy.  Just something that we can fit lots of babies, golden retrievers, Christmas Trees and family members in.  Oh and it has to be in a good school district. I want a huge kitchen with a giant island so the girls can sit around and cook and drink wine while the men watch football and talk about whatever it is they talk about. It's a toss up between something similar to the house in Father of the Bride or It's Complicated.   I like the one level , super open idea of It's Complicated.  Adam loves the idea of being able to watch our kids play basketball in the driveway out our kitchen window like in Father of The Bride.   Car wise, we are pretty modest. I would probably buy my Volvo SUV I want and Adam would upgrade his Audi to a new one.

8)  Travel.  I want to take Adam to see the world.  He's never been out of the US.   There are more places I want to see as well.  And of course we would take my family with us.  My mom is the ultimate trip planner.  Take a professional photographer with us to capture it all.

9) Adopt.  At least one baby. From somewhere we fall in love with when we travel.  Maybe more.  Lately adoption has been on our minds so much. 

10) Save the rest. Pay it forward when we can. Help people that need it more than we do. 

Adam would still work. He loves to work. He thinks he would love it even more if he felt like he didn't HAVE to do it. But wouldn't we all?  Funny huh?  We talk about this all the time.  My mom and I even talk about it now.  She was the one who gave me the idea to move to a better school district.  It's silly I know but YOU NEVER KNOW.   I would love to hear what everyone else would do if they won the lottery. If your in the mood, do a post and let me know about it! 

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