Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We Are FINALLY done Painting.

I felt like it may be possible the day would never come.    Adam and I could not decide on a paint color for the "new" living/dining room. I knew I wanted something neutral but nothing too dark.  We thought  we had a color nailed down before I left for the beach this weekend but after painting two walls we decided the color probably belonged in a Miami Vice themed restaurant. For some reason it was almost peach.  I am usually awesome at picking colors so don't judge. Haha.  We finally came to an agreement and chose Oat Bran by Valspar.  I really did plan on helping but I am the worst at cutting in so Adam does that and by the time that is done he's in the zone and just does it all himself.  It helps he worked for a paint company in high school. Here are some before and after pics of our results.  Please excuse the bad shots. I actually let Aidan take some of them.

The wall with the peach color on it.  This picture does not do it justice.

We really need to hang that TV.
The dining room was navy blue with gold and silver metallic stripes under the chair rail.
The doorway to the kitchen.
Adam working hard.
Where the wall used to be.

AFTER!!!!  (I need a new piece of furniture on the far wall)
View from the dining room.
View from farthest corner of the room.  I despise that star with the canvas under it but I was tired of looking at them sit on the floor.  Free to a good home!

I have so far to go with decorating. It's a work in progress. Previously I had such bold colors, I decorated with whites and neutrals. Now that my walls are neutral I will most likely reverse that.  I need some new art work and there are probably some things that will make their way to Craig's List.  I moved the buffet to behind the sofa so now I will be needing a new piece for the wall behind my dining room table.  And of course the chandelier makes me cringe now. Everything I want these days is on back order so it will be a few more weeks until the new one arrives.

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Jenny H said...

So clean and chic! Love it! The hard work and mess paid off! Can't wait to see what furniture piece you pick to go in the dinning room. Super cozy too!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Painting is so messy and it seems to take over the entire two did a wonderful job!!!

Melissa said...

There is never a better feeling then getting finished with painting. Just sit back and relax in your new beautiful new rooms.

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

What a beautiful neutral color. Thanks for sharing at the PoPP.

Martha's Favorites said...

May the Lord always keep you in love. Blessings, Martha

bbrooke said...

Was your "before" color (the peachy one) Valspar's "Cream in my Coffee" by any chance...? I just paid to have my house painted in that color, and I HATE it (because it either looks totally washed out in direct sunlight, or otherwise it looks very peachy). Ugh. Leaning towards Oatbran as the replacement color.