Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Leftovers

I found these pictures on my camera leftover from our day on the boat 4th of July weekend and I thought they were just too cute not to add to my virtual scrapbook.

Whenever I whip out my camera, Aidan is quick to indulge me and immediately starts to pose. 
I had been dying to catch him in his sunglasses.  So he let me take the first two pictures and then I got this...
Otaaaaaaay Mom.  That's snuff.  (OK Mom, That's enough).
He typically sits right here with the boys and helps drive the boat.
Silly boy climbed in to the floats.
Eyes open.
A picture of Mr. Harvey for good measure.
You can barely see this but I thought it was so cute.   Aidan is fearless in the water.  He jumped on this float with my mom and off they went.  When we finally came back for them, he was lounging on her chest. 
Swimming back to the boat.
After a couple of hours, we dropped my mom and dad off at the dock and took off for a couple of hours by ourselves. Aidan of course passed out moments later in his favorite spot between the cooler and front of the boat. He will sleep there for hours.

Thanks for stopping by!  xoxox

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