Thursday, July 8, 2010

Peace of Mind. Yeah Right.

Adam and I had a goal for 2010 and it was to pay off all of our debt.  I am one of those people can't sleep at night knowing I owe someone money.  There are some of you that may laugh at me because we were less than $7000 in the hole and I know there are people out there that sleep soundly at night in a lot more debt than that. 

Well here we are six months in to the year and I am $63.15 away from being debt free.  Of course we still have our monthly bills like everyone else but everything outside of that is paid off.  We have never been ones to have credit cards. We actually have a saying around here "If we don't have cash, we don't buy it."   We had debt from an accident Adam was in a few years ago and he had to have extensive surgeries on his hand, we had debt from a loan we took out when Adam started his business and I refused to let Adam pay for his own wedding band so I have been paying that off little by little.  Remember I don't have a job.  I swear next time, I'm going with the band that you can in the $.25 machine.  Just kidding.  He's worth every penny. 

I thought I would feel so much better knowing that we have come so far and don't have this to deal with. WRONG.  Now I lay in bed wondering where the bills are, what is going to happen next catastrophic in our lives that will make me feel like we need to wait ANOTHER year for a baby.   Adam is one of those people that just knows things will work themselves out.  Not me.  I'm a numbers don't lie kinda girl.   I don't know which way is better to be.  We've come really far and lived super tight to get the rest of this debt paid off in just six months.   But seriously where is the peace of mind people?

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