Thursday, July 22, 2010

I think Adam's The Mom

I wear the title and the imaginary sash, but really Adam does the work.   Yes, yes I do the work too but y'all he's great.  I think I say that a lot but I'm going to keep on saying it because he deserves a whole lotta credit. 

Exhibit A:   He's a worrier.   I worry but about things like what the neighbors will think if the grass doesn't get mowed.  Tonight we were sitting on the sofa (I do worry about people calling it a couch) and out of the blue Adam says to me "What will we do if Aidan is different and kids are mean to him."  Well hello, he's different, have you seen that wedgie he is sporting and his chocolate milk mustache makes him look like he hit puberty a little early.  In all seriousness, I just don't think about it that much.  I automatically assume that kids are mean and we will naturally have times where we have to sit Aidan down make him feel better because some kid made fun of him.  But I don't worry.  Adam is already hurting for him and he hasn't even been beat up yet. 

Exhibit B:  If Adam works late, and Aidan is in bed before he gets home. When he walks in the door the first thing out of his mouth is "do you mind if I jump in bed with the kid for a little bit?"  Like he just wants to cuddle his little sleeping body and smell his baby smells.   Sometimes Aidan will open his little eyes and smile at him and say "Daddy you home from work?" and Adam says "Yes, I missed you." and they smooch and Aidan goes back to sleep and Adam's day is complete. 

Exhibit C:  I tell this story to people all the time.  When Aidan came home from the hospital he would (obv) wake up every night.   Before I could open my eyes Adam was in a running sprint to get Aidan.  He never wanted me to get to him first. That would limit his cuddle time with him and considering he had to be up in a few hours to work he knew he should cherish their time.   Yup, not once can I remember getting up in the night and getting him.  If I had allowed it,  Adam probably would have let me sleep right through the breastfeeding process.   He could have just hooked him right up.  His bassinet was always on his side of the bed.  He would hang a hand over the side and periodically check to make sure he was still breathing.  If a peep came out of that child, Adam was upright trying to soothe him.  I swear, we made it those first few months because of Adam.  Well really, I swear we make it through everyday because Adam pulls his weight and does it well.  I do my part too but that man, he is as much of a mom as I am. 

He would be mad at me for calling him a mom because he wears his Daddy title so proudly.  It's like he was made to be a Dad. I get all giddy on the inside when we take drives looking at big houses in cul de sacs, talking about more babies, daydreaming about what our future holds and Adam talks about how he wants to give us the world.   Its amazing how lucky I got to get a man that gets up every morning with the desire to just make us happy.  

Y'all that man is great.  There, I said it again.

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