Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Was Feeling Crafty...

Before I went on my trip to Isle of Palms this last weekend I thought it would be nice to make the girls a little something.  This is a relatively simple craft and super fun for the summer. 

All you need is...Scissors, a glue stick (I never used it but just in case I guess) and a glue gun...
Sticker letters. I used Glitter ones but they come in all kinds of colors and sizes.  You can usually find them with all things FOAM.
Can koozies. I got mine at Michael's for a $1 each.
Lei's.  Also a $1 at Michael's.  In the past I have used boas or even just ribbon. 
First I laid out everyone's names.   It was much faster this way.
Then one by one, stuck them on the koozies.  It was Jen's birthday so I put Birthday Girl on her's.
This was the tricky part.  The lei's had to be cut and I had to tie them off on the cut ends in order to keep the flowers on the string.  Then I took the glue gun and in several places but a glue dot and stuck the lei to them.
Some of the koozies were warped so I used (go figure) chili sauce to straighten them out because I had no cans in my fridge.
Didn't they turn out so cute??  Everyone loved them! 

They literally cost me less than $3 each to make.   You could make them in different themes for all times of year.  I am thinking about buying some black ones and buying a Fleur de Lis stencil and H stencil and painting them for our guests to use when we have cookouts. Wouldn't they be fun?

Get your craft on Thurs.

I am also linking this here!


Jenny H said...

SuPeR CuTe!!! hope you have a great girls weekend!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Ok so I a dork! I thought it was for a little girl's birthday party. Not a girl's weekend. I was reading it while I had a little boy on my lap. I am so sorry. I love this idea for girlfriend's. I also love the idea of the black ones. Thanks for linking!