Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just thinking...

This time two years ago, I was sitting in this exact spot dying to meet our sweet boy. Now he is sitting on my lap while I type. It's crazy how time flies!

So, I am not one of those people that gets excited about getting a new cell phone. I was perfectly happy with the old phone. My icons were all where I liked them, my background was the picture of Aidan and I at Freedom Park and my ring tones etc. were already set. After like 6 hours between two Verizon Stores, 30 minutes on speakerphone with Verizon and a migraine later...I have a new Blackberry. Or Crackberry some like to call it. I think it's as close to being set up the EXACT same way the old one was. Just the way I like it!

Big day tomorrow. I have all my shopping to do for Aidan's party on Saturday. I am still on the fence about side items. Adam is making Filet's, burgers and dogs. YUMMY. Filet's for the ADULTS. I am sure whatever I decide to do will be last minute and probably something I have made a million times before. I am a creature of habit people.

Anyways, better put my child that is up WAAAAAAYYYY past his bedtime to bed and do something about this migraine!!!

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