Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jeese Louise

I am destined to be the world's worst disciplinary. I am TERRIBLE at it. When I raise my voice to Aidan, I have to go in to the other room so he doesn't see me cry. That's terrible isn't it? You should see what happens when I give him a little "love pat" on his diaper! Adam is just as bad. If we put him in time out...we have to go in the other room so we don't giggle at him when he tries to crawl off the time out spot. At night when he crawls out of his bed to come in our room, if there is any sign of a tear, we are not even trying to put him back in his bed. We tell ourselves he has had a bad dream or the dogs in the neighbors yard are scaring him. Not because either of these are probably a reality, but because it makes us feel better and we are instantly our heads. In real life we are instantly softies that are going to have an outrageously misbehaved child if we don't get it together. My mom is like the perfect parent. So it is very hard to get any advice from her. We were all on perfect schedules and never slept in her bed EVER when we were kids. She has the answer to everything and I was petrified of her until...well honestly I still am. My dad even worse. He has a look that puts the fear of God in you. So I just don't know how I am going to toughen myself up. Let alone Adam. I will probably read a hundred books on it and try to figure it out. Adam will just be the weak one. FOREVER. One has to think, he's this way with a 2yr old boy, what will ever happen if we have a daughter. She can go ahead and do whatever she wants.

P.S. I just want to say thank you to EVERYONE who gave or sent something to Aidan for his birthday. We will of course be sending out proper thank you notes but you all are too good to him and we thank you sooo soooo much!!!

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