Friday, June 12, 2009

He said it best

Update on Blog: Liam is not as old as Aidan phew! We are doing much better than them!!!

I was watching my weekly episode of Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood and Dean McDermott literally put so much stuff in to persepective for me about Aidan. Their son Liam is a few months older than Aidan but also in his terrible twos. I don't think Aidan has hit the point just yet that Liam has as far at tantrums go...but I can still relate. I have been trying to wrap my brain around a way to describe why Aidan is acting the way he does and then Dean said it...the terrible twos is all about your two year is at a point in their life where they know what they want but aren't at a point where they can communicate it to you and it frustrates the hell out of them. This was just the thing I needed to hear. It's not like Aidan is misbehaving (all the time haha) he just can't get out what he wants and the poor guy gets sooo bent out of shape. Some day he looks at me straight in the eyes like "you have to know what I am trying to say" and I just can't figure it out. It's pitiful but we're working on it. More importantly, we are working on his words so he can just say what he wants!!

Adam's parents are coming to town for the weekend. We are excited to spend some time with them. Since, they were unable to make it for Aidan's birthday party we are going to celebrate again with them on Sunday at Adam's sister's house. It should be a great time!!!

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