Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Because I know you all care so much what I think...

Real Housewives Reunion...Here it goes...

Why did they have to open up with clips from the "last supper"...reunion is doomed! I more than agree that it was so inappropriate that the children were in the room when she decided to do this. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times...DANIELLE'S POOR GIRLS!

"Bubbies"...I don't at all think this word is spelled the way they say it. To me they are saying "boobies" not bUbbies. Anyone agree? Every one's do look good though! Especially Teresa's. As soon as I'm done with kids I'm getting a pair! HAHA!

Okay so who knew Teresa has known Joe her whole life? Too cute!!! Sounds like he has been sweet to her the whole time! Okay so she slipped up on her English there, but I know how she feels. I mean when I moved in here, I at least had to have a brand new toilet! She's a great mom, her kids are cute, if they want to do some modeling so be it. Life is short, if you want to spoil the shit out of them who cares. From the looks of it, you'll be able to do it as long as you live. Jill Zarin zip it up sister. Ally is no angel and you spoil her just as much.

Jacqueline is about to POP. She looks a little puffy but what does that matter, she deserves this baby!! I can't wait to see pics of Nicholas. Sad about her miscarriages. I can't even imagine! I am happy to hear she and Dina made their amends but I don't know how sincere Dina really is. I love her but I don't know if I love her in this instance.

Uh oh, everyone just agreed with Teresa that the comment her husband made about being gay was not meant the way it was taken and Andy just confessed he is gay (honestly did not know this) and that he found it offensive!!! AHHHH!!!! I don't think he meant it the way they took it, but on national television you have to be careful. At least Andy can make a joke out of it.

Caroline walks all over Jacqueline? Hm mm...I think she just answers every question for her and Dina. She is the family CONTROL FREAK. If she could have seen the questions before they were asked and told the girls how to answer, she would have been on CLOUD 9! Jacqueline will make a statement and Caroline will turn around and try to tell her that's not right...when it's her life she is speaking about. Caroline probably deserved the punch. So what she's married to your brother, let her live her own life.

Caroline made me want to cry when she was talking about her kids. They all have their faults but I think when it comes down to it, family comes first with them all. Especially Caroline. She is a true Italian mother and I think she does the job well. There is nothing wrong with taking care of your family. I mean seriously? Are we going to try to make that in to a fault?

Drum roll please...Father in law was murdered by the mob? Caroline is hard core. Don't mess with her! Kind of reminds me of the own pride I have for my father's family and the Decot name. Not the same situation AT ALL but that is probably why I just added Harvey to the end of my name instead of just dropping Decot.

ANYWAYS...Can't wait for part 2. Amanda, hopefully you won't even have to watch the reunion after this recap! Loves

Part 2 of my own blog AIDAN'S TEMPER TANTRUMS

Holy screeching! Where did it come from? There terrible two's showed up out of nowhere!! I had a woman at the pool today tell me, that 3 was even worse for her son. Please God, NO!!! It's a little early to be complaining about this, considering we are only in week 3 of being 2 but it's a little rough. I am trying my best and I am trying to find patience. I am trying to decide how I am going to handle all these new things and I am trying to comfort Aidan because I know he is just trying to communicate and struggling. I can't punish him for that. I am trying to remember that in the big picture, a year of temper tantrums and bad days, is going to be forgotten and it's the sweet times in between when I get a kiss for no reason or he stops screeching to just hug me. So please pray for us as a family, that we make it through this year as stress free as possible and please pray Aidan can get some more words out, so we can hear what's going on in his little head.

One last thing, once in a while (OK it's more than that...BUT) I treat myself to something I don't really need but just makes me smile. Today, it was a chemise from Tar-jay that is sleeve less with some ruffles and a big white bow! Girls, the hubby loved it and it made my day. All for the bargain price of $16.99. I am thinking about ordering this one off the website because one it's on clearance and two because it is soooo darn cute!


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