Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jon & Kate Take 2

I wrote a blog expressing how sad I would be if Jon & Kate ended up splitting up and well as I am sure all of you know by now, it's over. Big time. As promised, I am so upset about it. I want their personal numbers so I can call them and beg them to go to therapy and try to work it out. Then Adam points out all of the body language and Jon's use of the word "excited" when speaking of the split and I am reminded it wouldn't change a thing. I have really gone back and forth about who is the victim in this situation. In the beginning I immediately sided with Kate because I am a mom and I know what it takes to stay organized to run a home and that craziness doesn't always make us the easiest wives. Then of course there were the photos plastered across every gossip mag of Jon with Deanna (whatever her last name is Homewrecker as far as I am concerned). Regardless of whether or not he was physical cheating on Kate with her, the amount of time he was spending with her was inappropriate and to me an emotional affair which is just as bad if not worse. Then, I see Jon and I realize everyone is human and he really did endure a lot of criticism from Kate. I can see how eventually that would drive someone away. Why Jon did not try to communicate to Kate that it was slowly breaking him down, I do not know. Marriages take two people to work and two people to fall apart. So, I have taken myself off of team Kate and I have joined Team "I just hope they can be friends for the kids" because they are the ones that really do need something good to come out of this. I am saddened because I don't think they tried as hard as they could. You can bet your ass, I will fight for my marriage to the death if anything everyone goes wrong in it. Thank you God, so far so good. On the day I got married, I took it very seriously. I intend on being in this forever. I am not naive, I know everyone thinks that their marriage is forever and you can never predict someone cheating or just falling out of love. In a fairy tale marriage everything goes as planned. In real life, nothing is promised. This is real life. I pray that my marriage far surpasses my expectations of it. From now on, I am going to look at a Jon & Kate's marriage as a learning experience and not a let down and I will just keep on hope, hope, hoping that they figure this out for their children.

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Kate G. said...

I so agree with you! (Except I started out on Team Jon because I thought Kate drove him away.) Then I switched to Team Kate after watching the big announcement episode and I realized that Jon was completely walking away from his family and didn't seem very bothered about it. I'm from a "broken home" and any parent who says they're divorcing for the good of their children...obviously doesn't understand what divorce does to a child!

Anyway...I agree. :)