Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I have to say I am so excited that I made the decision to keep Aidan for another year of pre school.  He was right on the fence for age so I thought I would keep him at half days another year.  Once they go to real school, you never get them back.  I keep saying that over and over in my head.  Monday when I was seeing all the pics of kids heading off to their first day of school I was so glad to have Aidan home with me.  Still not feeling 100% and wanting to snuggle.  He doesn't start back until next week and I am loving the idea of him being off during Christmas break to get in some good bonding time with his brand new baby brother.  And right about when the excitement of having two kids in the house full time wears off he'll be gone for half the day but I couldn't deal with him being gone all day.  Not just yet. 

All that to say, we have been purging, cleaning, doing a little remodeling and getting ready for baby but more importantly to be back on a schedule with school starting. So this week I am balls to the wall busy getting this place back in order by Friday so I can spend the weekend doting on my boy and planning his lunches for the next few weeks.  As much as I have loved this summer break, I have to admit I'm looking forward to a change.

But I will miss our lazy summer mornings in bed...

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