Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's All Coming Back

I've made the comment a few times that being pregnant this round feels like being pregnant for the first time again.

This pregnancy is one thousand times different than Aidan's. The morning sickness, the exhaustion, the need to spend every waking moment holding Aidan for our last few months alone together.
I was feeling so out of the loop with all the new stuff they have come out with since Aidan was born!

Turns out none of it is really anything we have to have.

A few weekends ago,  I spent a good amount of time with Adam in baby stores deciding what we wanted/needed for our new little man and before I knew it, I felt back in the swing of things.

I've un boxed all of Aidan's baby things to get them cleaned up and I'm slowly starting to feel like the veteran mom that my Dr keeps telling me I am.

It's really hard to envision how things are going to be when the newest Harvey arrives and of course we are in for some huge change BUT...

I've (we) done a really good job with Aidan.  Bring it on baby boy number 2.

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