Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cravings Galore

When I was pregnant with Aidan, I literally ate Mexican 4 or 5 nights a week. That's probably what caused me to gain almost 40 {EEEEEEK} pounds with him {and I worked out everyday can you believe it?}.

I think Adam was looking forward to having to go through that again.  My boys love their Mexican.  Any time we are trying to decide where we want to go to dinner their default is always Mexican. 

Well this time around that is not the case. 

I want VEGGIES.  Lots of them.  We have a restaurant in town that has a Veggie Greek Pita.  Basically it's just cucumber, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, olives and Greek Dressing.  They take the Feta off for me.  It's so good.  I could eat one all day everyday.  And salads.  Nothing fancy just cukes, lettuce, ONION {what gives on the onion} tomatoes {I don't even like tomatoes!} and light dressing!  My mouth is now watering. 

Once in a while I squeeze some protein in their and add chicken.  A spinach wrap loaded down with veggies and a little grilled chicken.  Again, my mouth is watering. 

Adam may or may not be loosing his patience with me requesting "rabbit food" for dinner every night.  I am married to a country boy and the man needs meat three meals a day.  We're compromising pretty well.  And by compromise I do mean, we eat at separate restaurants most nights or just prepare our own meals.  No big deal.


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