Monday, August 6, 2012

He is sick...

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or check in here once in a while, by now you know Aidan has been really sick.  Going on two weeks ago he just started not feeling well.  My pediatrician sent us over to the neighborhood Urgent Care for kids because she was packed full of appointments (and no one really thought it was that serious at that point).  After two thoroughly uneventful appointments there where Dr's told me nothing was wrong with Aidan while I cried to them that I know my child and he's never sick, and he is clearly (to me) very ill, we FINALLY got in to see our amazing pediatrician this past Friday.

She took us in first thing in the morning and we didn't have to wait at all.  She has praised me so many times in the past for just "knowing" my child.  She knew if almost two weeks later, I was still claiming I had a sick kid on my hands,  something had to be really wrong.  She did everything the Dr's did at Urgent Care two days before and a week before that.  Within minutes she had diagnosed him with pneumonia (huge sign, the fever that will not go away!) and Aidan was getting relief via a breathing treatment in her office in no time.  I had to step out side and collect myself after she told me what was up.  He has had this once before when he was much younger and although I truthfully thought it was whooping cough, the fact was that I knew something was seriously wrong and I finally had someone tell us I was right was such a weight off my shoulders.  There is nothing worse than having a sick child and you can't do anything for them.  We had gone days and Aidan wouldn't leave the sofa.  It was awful.

We spent a little over an hour at the Dr. covering all of our bases.  She wrote us two prescriptions and we were on our way home.  Since Friday, he's been getting breathing treatments every couple of hours and although I know the cough has to get worse before it can get better, I feel really good knowing he is on the mend.  It's been hardest at night.  He is getting very little rest from the cough and he cries when we have to wake him up to do his breathing treatment in the middle of the night.  Which of course sends me in to tears (I'm not usually this bad, I think it's the pregnancy hormones) so Adam has kindly agreed to do those.  I think Aidan is happy to have him crawl in bed with him for a while anyways. 

I will be out of town for one of my best friend's wedding's in Boston this weekend and I just could never leave if he was in the state he was in last week.  I'm thrilled he will be a week and a half in to treatment and I know my parents will take marvelous care of him. 

Clockwise:Visiting With Nana and Grandpa; quiet time on the sofa; Daddy does a treatment in the middle of the night; more lounging; self portrait of Aidan and Daddy at Nana's for Mommy's birthday.

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Cindy Irene said...

Poor little guy! I'm so glad that you were able to find out why he was sick, as a Mom of four, I can certainly understand that feeling. Prayers to you and your family, and for your sons speedy recovery!