Monday, May 16, 2011

Scarlett Houston Makes Her Debut

If you have seen me in the past 3 days you have probably already heard, seen, talked about for 20 minutes, watched me tear up over the birth of my dear friend Natalie's baby girl Scarlett!  Scarlett made her way in to the world Thursday morning at 3:07 a.m.  She weighed in at a tiny PERFECT 6lbs. 7oz.  I haven't asked Natalie if it is ok to post pictures of here her yet, but I can assure you she is gorgeous.  Nat has been sending me pics and I just cannot get enough of her.   I have been kind of whiny this weekend because I wish I was there to see her in person and hug Natalie but I am planning a trip to see them soon and they will be here in June.  I am trying my best to love her and support Natalie from what seems like a million miles away NC.  They are home and doing wonderfully.  I know Natalie is already an amazing mother.  I already missed her but this is making it ten times worse!!! Natalie was really there for me when I had Aidan and to get to share the adventure that is motherhood with her is so so so exciting!

So, welcome to the world Scarlett! Love you!

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