Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aidan's Messenger Bag

Aidan is always carrying his toys with him everywhere we go.  Recently he started carrying them in a reusable grocery bag.  It worked but it wasn't very cute.  He has a backpack but if he wants to access it, well you know the deal, he has to take it off to get in to it.  I started scouring the Internet for a bag that was suitable for a little boy and now that I have some experience, let me tell you there are enough bags out there for girls but not many at all that are masculine enough for our little guy.  I had almost given up hope when I was reading one of my usual blogs the other day This Little Miggy Stayed Home and she had posted some cute new things she had made with a new striped fabric she had picked up. I saw the messenger bag she had made for kids and immediately hit the link to her etsy site and purchased it.   3 days later it was on my doorstep and the rest is history.

Adam calls it his "boy purse", my parents think it's the coolest thing and Aidan is constantly coming up with new reasons why he needs to carry his bag around.  I think it's just what he needed.  It's the perfect size for him, it just so happens to be lined in orange which is Aidan's favorite color and the Velcro is easy enough for him to maneuver himself.  We are all happy.  Well except maybe Adam because he does really think I bought our son a purse. 

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