Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I Wore On Weds.

I have been having so much fun pulling stuff together at home to wear to work. EXCEPT this week.  I was a little lazy. Whoops. So let me confess, this is actually what I wore last Thursday BUT who cares, the post is still fun and I wanted to show you what I wore! You should join! I need outfit inspiration as well!!! 

Some people complained I wasn't smiling in last weeks post, so here is my attempt at a smile.  
Also, here is my apology my dark trouser jeans were not photographed in the picture. I wish we had a floor length mirror in the bathroom at work!

 Cardigan: Gap
V Neck Tee: Gap
Dark Denim Trouser Jean: Gap
Flower Pin: Old Navy {I fully intend on making some of these on my own}
I also fully intend on trying to shop other places that the Gap sometime soon.  That was a lie, wasn't it Amanda?
Seriously this entire outfit might have cost me $30. 

If anyone wants to talk about how awkward/fun it is to take pictures of yourself in the bathroom at your job, while hoping no one walks in on you, I've got some things to say. Just FYI.

Happy Cinco De Mayo


Katie A. said...

Haha, I actually find it REALLY awkward to take a picture of myself in the mirror period. Whether it be my bathroom or out in public somewhere. So I applaud you for taking them in the bathroom at work. Oh...and I think I need you to come shopping for me! You always look cute and for such good prices!!! I'm lucky in that I can wear jeans and t-shirts to my job, but it has also kind of spoiled me so I rarely dress cute anymore

Kate G. said...

Love the outfit but I'm really commenting about how fabulous your hair has been looking lately! Love the curls.