Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Auntie Can

I feel like we have been so super blessed recently.  My best friend Candace has really helped me out so much with my childcare for Aidan since going back to work and I can't ever thank her enough.  I started out so stressed that I was going to have to end up finding some sort of childcare that I was uncomfortable with for Aidan this summer until he resumed school at the end of August.  Candace eased my thoughts by offering to sit Aidan for the three days a week I needed some one.  Seriously, I feel like she saved my heart in that conversation.  Thank you so much Can! You don't know how much I appreciate you!!!!!  

Every time Aidan comes home from Candace's, Adam and I talk about how lucky we feel that we know he is with someone that loves him like we would when we have to be away from him at work.  Candace always keeps me updated on their adventures which I love.  She went out and bought a baby pool and sent me these pictures.  I melted. So cute. 

Cole is eating his thumb and Aidan is in his own little world.
Do you think he's had someone ask him to take his picture before?
OK, now I'll jump, Kansas.

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