Monday, May 23, 2011

More Living Room

 Thank You all so much for the nice words on the living room!  It has definetely been a labor of love and there is still a lot more to go but I can't believe how different it looks. 

Just to show you how much this house has changed, this is a picture standing in the same spot 3 years ago. 
{This is the best picture I could find sorry!}

Big difference huh?

To answer a few quick questions...
The rug, coffee table, sofa and pillows are all Pottery Barn.  Everything was bought on sale!
The jute rug is really soft. I was nervous buying a natural fiber rug with all the time Aidan spends on the floor playing but I was pleasantly surprised at the feel.  I did not buy a new sofa just new slipcovers.  There are still two pieces to the sofa we are not using. It was just too much for the space. 

The dining room table is the Parson's Expandable Dining Table from West Elm.  Our dining chairs are
Ikea.  We ultimately decided on them because if something happens to one of the covers its $35 for a new one.  They are seriously comfortable.  I have considered {some of you might think I am crazy} having Adam screw two chairs together to create benches on both sides instead of 4 seperate chairs.

The large window that is leaning against the wall was abonded on the porch of my girlfriend Christine's former apartment.  She gave me persmission to liberate it. It sat in my attic for 3 years before making it's home where it is now. 

I have no idea what the name of the fabric is that I want to use on the chair.  I bought it at Mary Jo's in Gastonia and I want to say it was around $17 a yard.  I used it somewhere else {post coming soon} and the print is even more beautiful in person.  

What is that hanging in our doorway? Hahaha. This cracked me up.  It is Adam's pull up bar.  I am so used to it now I didn't think twice about taking it down.  He uses it everyday otherwise I would take it down. 

And lastly...what else could I possibly do with this room?  Haha.  
Just some little things.  I mentioned in the post,  the chandelier and Crate and Barrel china cabinet.  
I also am changing all of our blinds from the faux wood to bamboo roman shade blinds.  Like these:
For an exotic designer touch, you will want the stylish bamboo roman shades for your window treatments.
 I really want to take full advantage of the new windows and get as much natural light in this room as possible during the day and I think these are the perfect.

I ordered some topiaries for the left and right of our TV.  The ones I ordered from Ballard Designs are actually cone shaped not this version.  I'm not a huge fan of artificial florals but they are growing on me.  I needed something else to add height to my mantle besides another candle stick. 

Angel Vine Topiary

I am crushing on these lumbar pillows for our dining chairs. It is still up in the air wether or not they will be purchased.

 Circle Monogram Pillow Cover / Light Tan Woven Fabric / 10x18

 So that's it. There you have it.  Livnig room progress. 

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