Monday, September 27, 2010

Sick Boy

Last week Aidan started coming down with a cold.   Colds are just the worst because there is nothing your Dr. can do for you, and at such a young age, there really is nothing over the counter you can give a toddler for a cold.  We always know when Aidan is getting sick or not feeling well because he just wants to lay around and that is so not like him.  He and I were chatting in the kitchen the other day while he ate his snack and he climbed down from his bar stool and disappeared.  Our house is so small that I heard him walk in to the play room and turn on the TV and climb up on the day bed.  I loaded up the dishwasher and made him a cup of water and when I found him, he was already passed out.  Poor guy.  His lips are so chapped from being congested and having to breathe through his mouth when he sleeps.   I have to admit, I love taking care of him when he is sick. It's the only time he let's me baby him anymore.  I snapped this picture of him snoozing on the day bed.  He just looks so cute.  I kept him out of school Friday and by mid after noon he was feeling MUCH better and we even took him to Festival and The Park.

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