Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aidan's Fall/Winter Wardrobe

I am lucky enough to be complimented all the time on how well/cute I dress Aidan.  People ask me all the time where I shop for him.  It's really no where terribly exciting.  I especially love to shop for his fall/winter wardrobe.  I always get annoyed at the amount of clothing available for girls in great fabrics and prints and how limited we moms that have boys are when shopping for our little guys.  And it seems to only get harder as they get older. I am of course always on a budget {because I realize they are just going to grow right out of things} but I try to buy individual pieces here and there and I almost always buy on sale.  I find great deals for Aidan on eBay, Gap, the clearance rack at Nordstrom and when I find something I am in love with out of my price range on a website, I just continually check back until it goes on sale!  In past years I have found great items at TJ Maxx and Marshalls but I think the secret is out there because they have been a little dry lately.   I am also very blessed to have an aunt that loves to shop for Aidan and she has great taste.  I have been buying clothing here and there to build Aidan's wardrobe for the upcoming seasons.  I tried to find as much of what I have purchased as a I could to give you some great ideas for your little men.  You might notice a trend in blue.  He looks so good in it!

Baseball Tee from American Apparel.  Comes in a few different colors. We have it in green, light blue and black.  Aidan looks so cute in this shirt.   They run deals on buying three at a time often.
 I love this Oxford shirt from Gap Kids.  I can use it when I need to dress Aidan up and he wears it with Khaki shorts, Chuck Taylors and with the sleeves rolled up. We have it in blue and white.
I recently fell in love with the company Boden.  I love this shirt with a pair of jeans.
Another shirt from Boden. These can also be purchased at Nordstrom.
I believe this is the Monster shirt. It comes in a few colors with different fabrics as the monster.
The waffle shirt from Gap Kids.  I buy this shirt for Aidan every year in every color (white, navy, grey).   They are great for lounging around, wearing alone and layering under his favorite tshirts.
I enjoy throwing in a little pop of color here and there.  Love this polo from Gap Kids.  So far this is the only color I have purchased (they had it at the outlet) but I will probably find a reason to buy a few more.
The following two polo's we layer underneath the pullover below them. This polo is on sale online right now for $11.99. I paid $9.99 at the outlet. Gap Kids.
If he gets hot he can take off the pullover. I love these polo's.  They are so soft. I am pretty sure we have them in every color. Gap Kids.
The pullover I own does not have the number 9 on it or the embellishment on the sleeve.  Aidan is just navy with a pocket in the front. Pockets are important to my kid.  Gap Kids.
Adam bought Aidan his first vest when he was around 6 months old and I have bought him one every year since.  They are so cute and add just the little extra bit of warmth you need in the fall before a full coat.  This was the first year I bought a red one.   Gap Kids.
I bought Aidan this North Face jacket in black last year a size too big so he would be able to wear it for a couple of seasons.

This would be one of those items I am waiting to go on sale.  Every year I buy Aidan way too many coats.  A pea coat is essential. This one is by Ralph Lauren.
Cords.  I buy him a pair every year.  Gap Kids are nice and soft.
I buy more pairs of jeans then we need.  I think I have purchased five pair so far.  He wears them daily in the fall/winter and I buy different styles and washes. 

The staple Gap Kids sweat pants. This is the first year I have seen them available in black as well.
Gap Kids Khaki shorts.  These I purchased at the beginning of the summer and down south they will last us until late September. I hope.

I was so excited I could buy Aidan some fun shoes this season.  Shoes are my other weakness with Aidan.  These are Adidas Sambas in white.  Available at Nordstrom.
Hunter wellies for kids in Orange.

Standard.  Black Converse All Stars. 
I had to have these socks from Boden for this season. 

I love great accessories too.  Remember his scarf from last season? It will be making another appearance this year. 

Etsy is also a great resource for unique shirts and accessories for boys.  These are a few items in my cart for the season:

I love a knit hat for my little guy. He looks super cute in them.

I think this is so cute and simple and would be fun to layer over a grey waffle shirt.
I'm southern so naturally I love to have a few things with Aidan's name on them.  In the past I have had one made for each of the holidays for him to wear to school.  When he grows out of them we use them for night shirts.

I bought Aidan one of these lounge sets when he was a year old and he looked so comfortable in it and we wore it out.  They just recently started making them in toddler sizes so I bought one for him today.  In the winter I let him wear it all day and if he passes out in it, it's perfect for jammies too.  I love the guitars.

So there you have it.  Now if you see Aidan on the street you'll now it's him because I just told you what he'll be wearing. 

P.S. I am ALWAYS looking for cute clothes for boys.  If you have a secret on where to find cute things please let me know. 

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Kate G. said...

How cute. I'm an idiot and never really thought about how a kid needs a new wardrobe every season because they just keep growing... I'm honestly a little jealous. :)