Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Conversations With a Three Year Old

This was out of the blue in the car while sitting at a red light headed to dinner at my parents...

Aidan: I miss my family.

{Adam and I turn and look at each other confused}

Adam: What family?

Aidan: My brother and my sister.

{Again, confused}

Me: You have a brother and a sister?

Aidan: Yessssssss Mommy.


Later at dinner I say to my father. Aidan tells us he misses his family.

Dad: Hap {my dad's nickname for Aidan, short for Happy} you miss your family?

Aidan: Yup.

Dad: Is there something you aren't telling us Hap?

Aidan: I miss my brother and sister.

Dad: What's your brother's name?

Aidan: Ishtar.  {I'm assuming this is how we spell it}

{We all explode with laughter}

Aidan: I'll tell him you say hi Grandpa.

Seriously, where does he get this stuff?  Once he said his brother's name, I was crying.


Amanda said...

I can not stop laughing - seriously haha

Kate G. said...

Maybe it's time for more babies??