Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Shower Fever!!!

One of my besties Jill is pregnant and due this December. {Side Note: Doesn't it seem like I am the only one not pregnant. Besides you Amanda. Ha.} She is pregnant with a baby girl.  Seriously?  A baby girl? We haven't seen one of those around here since having baby girls went out of style.  Except it didn't. Apparently no one knew that so we've been mass producing boys.  I digress. 

A girlfriend we went to high school with, Julia, is co hosting her shower with me.  We decided on a candy theme.  I was in the mood to make candy topiaries, what can I say. 

This is the invite that we chose. I just love it.  I sent it to my mom and she said "April, it's adorable but who the heck is Olivia." Clearly this is just the proof.  We ordered them from http://www.tinyprints.com/

I am the queen of a candy bar.  I had one at my wedding and therefore still have tons of glass canisters we are going to use to create one for Jill's shower.

Ahh gumdrop and DumDum topiaries. My current project.  It's quite easy actually.  Maybe I will take pictures and create a little tutorial. You know in case you ever want to make some.

We are going to make tissue flowers like these and line the sidewalk at my mom's. 

I loved this balloon combination so we will probably do something like it to add some more color.  I want it to be really bright and fun.

And these cupcakes. How cute? I may even get brave and make my own cupcakes. We'll see.  Devil's Food cupcakes and vanilla frosting died with the new neon food colors?  Done. 

I have enjoyed planning this shower so much and I know Jill doesn't read my blog so she has no idea what's going on.  The shower is on the 9th of October. I'll take some good pictures to show you. I hope she loves it.  Next up Natalie's shower.  Seriously I am loving this.


Jenny H said...

adorable!!! I love the theme!
Praying that you are next with a baby girl! Your time is coming... may not feel like it. I pray for you all the time. It WILL happen!

Natalie said...

what a cute idea.

jthf;l said...

How did u end up making the tissue paper flowers?