Thursday, November 5, 2009

Women's Marriage Ministry

I've joined a little club. Really, it's for women struggling in their marriages which I am not, but I figured it would be fun to loosely follow along and hey, it can't EVER hurt to put a little extra effort in to your marriage. The name of the blog is Women's Marriage Ministry. As most of you know, although I am a person that prays, I am not a hugely religious person but I have really been having fun with the daily activities.

A little one, we have to meet our hubby's at the door and tell them how much we missed them. Not yell from another room, but get up and go to the doorway. Adam was so happy to see me. It was great. Day two, we were supposed to meet our hubby's at the door and give them a hug and a kiss in addition to telling them that we missed them. I probably got 5 or 6 hugs back. I think it really makes Adam feel awesome after a long day of work. Day three...the way to a man's heart it through his stomach. Well, I am no cook but I can make a mean pot of chicken and dumplings. My hubby says they are the best he's ever had. So, when he walked through the door tonight, even though I was there waiting on him with open arms, my feelings weren't hurt when he quickly hugged me and bee lined for the kitchen. He was thrilled! He has already called me tonight to ask me to have another bowl ready for him!!!

I will be doing this for 14 days. We'll see how it goes. So far so good and I am really enjoying it! The secret is, you can't tell your hubby about it. Check it out and see for yourself!

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