Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Christmas Shopping List & Christmas Cards

Since, no one in my family reads my blog or would ever know how to find it, I can go ahead and post my Christmas shopping list. This is just a rough draft. I would love for anyone and everyone to give me more great ideas. In the meantime, this is what I have come up with so far. In no particular order...

For Crazy Debby Decot (also known as my mother) an iPod shuffle. So, I can have mine back and she can continue to run while trying to dance and sing at the same time. I am thinking in the green color .

For Mandi and Chris (SIL & BIL) not a random picture of people we don't know, but some nice framed photos of us and Aidan because that's what they asked for.

For my youngest brother Jordan, Jordy, J-Money, Sweetest baby brother EVER, A Vineyard Vines Clemson Tie.

For the two best brothers in the whole world...this picture framed for them both so they can remember the good ole days when we're older.

For Bobby, The $20 Ikea Flat Screen Wall Mount, because the gift below will only hold his cable box and gaming system.

Also, for the best two younger brothers in the world, TV stands from IKEA because well Santa might be bringing them Flat Screens this year.

For The Best Dad in The World...I have secretly emailed his best friend from childhood to get a copy of this picture to get framed because he loves it. Yes, my dad is the one in the boat smoking. Kennybunkport, Maine circa. A Long Time Ago

For my amazing husband who is always thinking about things to do with his son, a basketball hoop. Mostly because he will love it and never expect it. Think I can assemble one of these bad boys myself in the dark??

For my lovely in laws who sadly won't be here for Christmas. A stainless steel toaster. They are converting all of their appliances and when I asked them what they wanted, this is what the stated. Simple enough and on sale at Target. How convenient.

Now this is where I am stuck people...what do you get the child that has it all and who also has a mother that is running out of space to put things?? Adam and I were thinking a puppy but don't you think he's a little young? I mean, a puppy for Aidan to look at and mommy to take care of? I don't want a puppy for Christmas ( I want a gold Marc Jacobs watch) so the hunt is still on. Adam would really like to build a train track around the top of his room. Still not exciting me. Daddy goes to work and mommy has to stand on her tippy toes on top of a step stool to help the screaming two and a half year old that wants to play with the train going around in circles at the TOP of his room! Yeah, no thanks.

Well, I have created about 10 versions of a Christmas card but I have narrowed it down to my five favorites...I know, FIVE. Luckily, I can buy them in increments of 20 and I have about one hundred people on the list so...this is what I came up with...let me know what you think!

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Kate G. said...

Tough call! I like the first three, but I couldn't narrow it down from there...