Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursdays-People

It's that time of the week again and I am super thankful for so many things. I decided this week I would tell you about some of the people I am thankful for. Don't laugh.

It may sound silly BUT I am thankful for the guys who work for our landscaping company. Basically because without their long, hard hours of help, Adam would never be able to do it all.

I am thankful for my mom, who lectures me to DEATH everyday but always solves my problems and makes me feel better. She also, supplies me with about 25 hours of free child care every week and does my laundry, empties my dishwasher and organizes my closet's...every other day. You should see the cute new shoe rack she bought me!

I am thankful for Amanda this week, because she is always available to just laugh with me. She also happens to be the best person in the world to vent to, she is always on my side and a great listener.

I am thankful AGAIN AND ALWAYS for Aidan because he is saying new words everyday and
it is soooo much fun to hear him speak. He says the funniest things.

I am thankful for my Aunt Karen, Aidan's great aunt. We got Aidan's Christmas presents from her already today! She goes crazy at Baby Gap for him every year at Christmas and on his birthday. It is so nice to know we have family that loves us so much they Christmas shop for our son two months early.

and last but not least, this week, I am thankful for my husband because he just gets me. He doesn't even have to try he just does it. That makes me so happy. It also NEVER gets old hearing him tell me he loves me a million times a day.

What are you thankful for??? Happy Thursday Everyone!!! xoxoxoxo

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