Friday, September 7, 2012

Ten Things That Will Make a Preggo Cry

Even I have to laugh at myself at how weepy I am these days.  Adam and I were trying to think of the funny random things that I have cried over the past few days.
1.  Loosing my camera USB cord.  And then I cried when I found one on Amazon for $6. It was such a good deal!
2.  Realizing how much dust collects behind our sofa.  I vacuum EVERY OTHER DAY. 
3.  Someone not refilling the Brita water pitcher.  WHY is it so hard??
4.  Everyone else's baby photos.  I'm constantly all "Adam! Adam! Look, sweet. We're getting our own soon." 
5.  Getting dressed. What a process and self esteem smasher.
6.  The "What do you want for dinner" argument. Are we the only ones that have this? I'm eating for two. That's enough work.  Just make the decision!  
7.  Not being able to breathe.  I seriously was a different person last time I was pregnant. I did not have this prob this early on. I would argue that this baby is in fact growing between my lungs.
8.   Adam teasing me about my bad gas.  I can't help it!  I really, really can't.
9.  Our landscaper BUTCHERED our bushes out front this week.  I was so distraught.  Adam reminded me they will grow back BUT it took 5 YEARS to get them just where I wanted them.  Christmas lights were going to look perfect on them this year!
10.  Spider webs. They are everywhere.  After running errands one night last week I walked right through one and was immediately crying.  I only stopped when I looked down to see Aidan looking at me like I had completely lost it.  He said "it's just a spider web Mom".
   I just love being able to say "leave me alone I'm pregnant" when I'm in tears.  It's the best excuse!

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Lacie said...

Sorry you are so weepy!

I just had to come by and say that this:

"We had a whole room of visitors on my second day in the hospital and she came and asked my husband to help me get my nipple hard. Literally the most awkward moment of our lives. When we talk about it to this day my face turns bright red."

Literally made me laugh out loud. I am glad I didn't have a mouth full of coffee. I can't wait to tell my hubby this comment. Lord knows what he would have done to "help out!" LOL!!!

I did not have to experience this, as we adopted, but dang, this is so funny!