Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Aidan for Fall

This season I have had the hardest time shopping for Aidan.  It's not that my taste is super traditional  but it's definitely more traditional than all the skinny jeans out there for boys.  They look great on some kids, just not Aidan.  I have literally spent hours with him in dressing rooms this season trying on different pairs of jeans/pants because I just don't know how they'll fit.  Luckily, we have found some and a few pairs from last year fit as well. 

Every year I go through his clothes and assess what he will need for the fall and winter months.  I make a list and then I shop.  I don't buy anything I can't live without and I am a huge advocate of staple items.  A few good pairs of jeans, solid color tops, some fun shoes and sweatshirts/sweaters that make it easy to layer, layer, layer.

Here are a few of the things we have purchased this season:  You will see some repeats.

Aidan looks great in stripes so I load up on them.  This pull over we bought last year in grey as well and it still fits.  

LtoR: JCrew, JCrew, GapKids

Aidan is OBSESSED with Star Wars right now. I don't know where it came from but he picked the right time to be in to them because there is tons of it out there.  Typically I wouldn't buy something with a theme but he was dying for this hoodie and top so I sprung for them.  The black jersey knit pants are great for lazy days and when they have gym day at school. 

LtoR: GapKids
Simple. The hat is so cute in real life. He looks adorable in it and he picked it out himself.  I have found that sometimes spending my money in accessories is the way to go because they make outfits.

 LtoR: GapKids, Jcrew, GapKids
Last year my aunt bought Aidan a pea coat and it was too big but this year it fits! We're so excited.  This sweater we actually bought in grey but they didn't have that color online.  
LtoR: JCrew, GapKids, GapKids

More stripes.  These Gap khakis are so soft. So is the polo.
 LtoR: JCrew, GapKids, GapKids
We have the best luck with North Face products for Aidan.  Last year on Sale we bought him two fleeces and this year I bought this. We haven't received it yet but he looks great in vests.
 LtoR: North Face, JCrew, GapKids
The weather is so unpredictable here in NC that I love the idea of being able to layer.  This zip up hoodie is perfect for that.  If was a little bit cooler I would probably layer one of his tshirts over this top.  We bought this top in a few colors as well .  Staple items people.
 LtoR: JCrew, GapKids, GapKids
Again another hoodie for layering.
LtoR: JCrew, JCrew, GapKids
I'm sure you noticed all of this stuff came from the same couple of stores.   All of them run great sales and you can get their stuff at fractions of the original price.  We also always find good deals on BodenUSA and at Nordstrom.  Anyone have secrets of where to get good clothes for little guys? 

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