Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Singer Sewing Machine

My first sewing machine was super inexpensive and a gift from my parents for Christmas a few years ago.  Well, it jams more than it sews. Now it is completely stuck and rather than spend the money to fix it, we "totaled" it out and I have been sadly without a machine.  Until this weekend. 

I spoke to the woman at the sewing machine store about my sewing abilities and what I planned to do with the machine and she recommend {after laughing at me} the Singer 160 Anniversary Machine. Seen below. The black is not my favorite but it's growing on me.  The table is nice and big and the stitches are computerized.  Bye, bye stitch dial!


I dragged Adam along for the purchase because I've found when I include him in purchases he holds me accountable for using them.  I am planning on making a stack of bibs and fun burp cloths as my first projects on this thing.  I'll let you know what I think about it and how it turns out! 

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