Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Scout

Ok, it was his birthday on 8/27 but I had to blog about it!  Our little Scout turned one! Or seven? Either way he had a birthday and I had promised Aidan we would do something for him.  So he and I stopped at the K9 Cafe around the corner and picked him up a cake!   I am sure your 1st birthday as a dog is a big one but I don't know if we will celebrate every year. Especially with another human living here with a bday to celebrate!

I used to buy treats for our dogs before Aidan was born at this shop but Scout hates them. He literally puts them in his mouth and spits them out.  And they aren't cheap! Luckily, my girlfriend Candace's dog, will eat anything so I gave them to her! We did pick him up another "naturally shed" deer antler to chew. He LOVES those things!

Back to the we picked up his cake and waited for Adam to get home to sing and minutes after he walked through the door, that's just what we did. 

The woman at the bakery instructed me to slice the cake and let Scout have a piece.  Welp, he ate the ENTIRE thing in about 2 minutes.  As far as I can tell he was fine. No tummy ache for the birthday boy!

Clockwise from top: Scout's cake, a very empty cake box, Scout drags Adams shirts from the laundry basket to nap on, Aidan torturing hugging Scout, Scout eating his cake.
It's no secret that our time with Scout has been very trying for me.  He was kind of a responsibility that just got dumped on me when Adam decided he would buy Aidan a puppy without discussing it with me.  His heart was in the right place {as always} but I didn't really see a dog in our immediate future.  I've been frustrated with his chewing and jumping up and the other million things that puppies have to be broken of.  Somewhere through this year Aidan started telling us "Scout just wants some love."  I don't know where that saying came from or why he says it but whenever Scout and I are having one of our moments, Aidan is either here to remind me that Scout just wants some love or I hear his little voice in my head.  And for whatever reason, if I stop washing the dishes while he's jumping on my leg to pet him, or if once in a blue moon I let him take a nap on our bed or walk him an extra lap around the block, he truly does seem to appreciate the "love" and the space between Love and Hate in our relationship grows a little bit smaller.  Happy One Year Scouty.  I guess you can stay. 

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