Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weekends in Waxhaw

One of Adam's best friend's Mike has a house out in Waxhaw, NC.  He has some land with the house and we have seriously grown to love going out there this year. 

His son Ryland is Aidan's BFF so they have a great time.  It's tons of free space for them to run and they can get in to just about anything and we let them be. They jump in the leaves, climb all over the barn, ride their four wheelers through the corn fields and now Mike has added a trampoline to the they have that to do as well. It's a little man's dream come true out there. 

Mike builds a bonfire and the adults switch off enjoying a beverage and taking the boys on "Nature Walks".
Chelsea and I are not huge fans. I mean it's pitch black out in those woods!
Adam totally caught off guard here. Haha! Still cute!
Chelsea and I bundled up around the fire! Love this girl!
Me and my hunny bunny.  Hi, my name is April and I have a serious addiction. His name is Aidan.  Poor thing, I am constantly harassing him to let me hold him/kiss him/squeeze him and I am always asking him one million questions because I love to hear him talk. 

Chels and I have a little segment coming up entitled " A City Girl's Guide to Surviving in the Country". It should be pretty hilarious and packed full of helpful information so stay tuned!!! 

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