Thursday, December 8, 2011

Catch Up Post Numero Uno-Fall Festival

There is like one million things that have happened in the past months that I haven't blogged about so I must.  This blog afterall is my virtual scrapbook for the KID!

First Up...Aidan's Fall Festival

Everything the pre school puts together is always great for the kids.  Fall Festival is an opportunity for the kids to parade through the soccer fields in their costumes for all of us parents to see and then they do some cookie decorating and there are several other little things for them to do.  The even have a small pumpkin patch!

This year for Halloween Aidan was a football player. I think you already know that from the Halloween post I actually posted on time!  When I dropped him off for school the day of Fall Festival I was so excited for him because two of his best buddies were also dressed up as football players but they were so envious of Aidan's eye paint. Proud mommy moment that I thought enough to add all the extras to his costume!

Halloween Parade

Cookie Decorating

Getting ready for the "hay ride"

Candace and Cole came over and joined us.  We had a great picnic and I got to dote on my sweet nephew. I mean is Cole not the cutest?! He is walking and trying to talk up a storm.  I love to ask him for hugs.  Look at those eyes, those cheeks, that complexion! He is just perfect!

Hay ride with his buddies. 

Next up...our annual family trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

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