Monday, December 12, 2011

Polar Express Trip

I had heard about the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad doing a Polar Express event every year. Last year they sold out before I could get tickets so this year I was sure to get them in enough time so we could all go. 

Adam insisted we buy the "First Class" tickets and I am so glad we did.  I think they were about $30 more than the other train cars and I have to tell you, if it's something you consider doing, I would spend the money on the upgrade.  The coach class cars were a little run down. 

My copy of the Polar Express was missing in action so my mother ran out the morning before we left and bought Aidan a copy.  A CD came with the book so Aidan was able to read and listen along on the ride up the mountain. That way he knew what was going on during the trip. Thanks Mom! You are the best!!  The ride was marvelous and the railroad did a great job making it just like the book.  Santa was perfect!

Is it weird I had never been through a tunnel in the side of a mountain so had to take a picture??
Of course the fourth member of the Harvey family could not miss out on our little road trip. I don't know if we are teaching Aidan responsibility here or if we are working him a little hard.  But the dog had to pee .
Sorry this pics are so grainy. iPhone! Getting ready to walk across the street to get our tickets!
Ticket and Happy Boy!
The Christmas lights on the train are so cute.
First Class Cars.  Can you see the chefs in the window? They sing.
Goofy picture of the kid but a memory.
And we're reading...
Now we're looking for Santa.
Check out the stash. Great Santa!
"It would make my mom really happy if she and I had a cute picture together so I will look away."-What I imagine Aidan was thinking.
Really dark family photo. 
Our Cabin.  It was soooo out in the middle of nowhere. We arrived in the dark and I was afraid to get out of the car.  It was beautiful on the inside and had a hot tub so that's a plus!
Putting my hair on Adam's head because we're cool like that.
Aid is not missing out on this.

It was a great night away. We had so much fun! Not a single decent place to eat in the entire town but we survived.  We're still on the fence about whether or not we would go again. But everyone who is a Polar Express fan should go at least once.  It's worth it!

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Jenny H said...

so cute! Glad you guys had a great night away. I know what you mean about "not a decent place to eat in the whole town." I've heard the same reviews on the Polar Express tour... you at least have to try it once with a wide eyed little boy! Great memories!