Monday, December 19, 2011

Clemson vs. Virginia Tech-ACC Championship Game

Clemson played Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship game the first weekend in December. (That's how old this post is).  My youngest brother Jordan is a Senior at Clemson and we are now huge when my parents heard the game was going to be here in Charlotte at Bank of America stadium, they bought 12 tickets! 
Since they are PSL owners for the Panthers they get first dibs on tickets to these events.  The seats were just two rows behind our 6 season seats.  Jordan brought some of his friends and we all had a great time!
You probably know this by now, but Clemson killed VT. It was a great game! Go Tigers!

The parents and I.  My Dad is making a goofy smile on purpose.

Mr. & Mrs.

Me and Jordan.

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