Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last Post about Schedules

Just when I thought I was done posting about boring schedules around here, I figured I should probably jot down what life it like these days for memory.  Here's the breakdown.

6:45am: Alarm goes off, I'm up. Barely.  Teeth, hair, clothes.  Lay out something for Aidan to wear.  Kiss the boys in bed. Out the door.

8:00am: Work! Yippee!!!

8:30am: Adam wakes Aidan, dresses him, feeds them breakfast and takes Aidan to school.  Adam is off Mondays and Tuesdays. 

12:45:Adam picks Aidan up from school. 

1:00pm: Lunch time.  When I am super duper lucky, Adam will come meet me for lunch.  Otherwise it's a Lean Cuisine or take out.  Yum.

5:00pm-Out the door. Race home to see the boys. They are usually napping.

5:15:Discussion about dinner plans. Usually decide on restaurant. No one feels like cooking.

6:30-7:30: Dinner.

7:30: A lot of nights we stop by to see my Mom and Dad.  We go for a walk or out for dessert. Or we shop or watch TV as a family. 

8:15: Bath time, book, TV time.

9:00: Bedtime for Aidan.

9:30: Showers for us, clean  up the house, TV time. This is where I blog.

1am-3am: We go to bed sometime in there.  1am on a good night.  3am on the nights we watch a late movie and have a snuggle fest.

6:45am: I'm back at it.

The weekends are a little bit different because we all sleep in to close to 10am.  And we just let the day unfold. We don't have a schedule on the weekends.  We always try to do something fun and make the most out of the two days we have together.

Crazy fun life, isn't it? I think so.

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