Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Never Ending Laundry Room Project

This morning when I opened my inbox at work my first email said "I was on Pinterest this morning, are you re doing your laundry room again?"

Among the five million other projects I currently have going on in my house right now (can I self diagnose house project ADD?) I have my laundry/mud room I need to do something with.

We installed the Ikea bookshelf turned bench, the counter-top and the recycled cabinets that we painted red and guess what? In typical April fashion, I pretty much HATE it all. I hate the color we chose for the walls, I hate the red cabinets and I hate the fact that in an attempt to get organized and make those containers with labels on them, it still seems like there is still stuff EVERYWHERE!

So, now I'm asking myself, what is going to be the solution to this problem?

The bench has to stay.  Not because anyone sits on it to put on their shoes but because if it wasn't there, all of my clean laundry would be on the dining room table and I would have to go back to hearing people say to me "sooooo do you ever eat at your table or do you just fold your laundry there" or my personal favorite "Oh wow, you finally folded your laundry and put it away. AND there's a table under there?"  Yeah, so the bench has to stay for that reason and that reason only.

The counter-top is there for good as well.  I wish it was a little bit wider only because a small amount of washer/dryer peek out of it but for the most part it does a great job concealing them and when we have outdoor parties, it serves as a really nice area to display stuff. i.e Beer.

I am almost positive I need to see the cabinets GO. Do I think Adam will be happy after I made him stay up so many nights until the early morning, priming, painting and hanging those things?  No. But he tends to be pretty easy so after the initial bitch about it, he should be happy with whatever I put up there.

I always want to try and use something from Ikea. Their storage solutions are pretty amazing.  I could purchase one wall cabinet for above the washer and dryer and a pantry cabinet for the opposite wall.

I could purchase two wall cabinets that are the same size, hang them symmetrically and then buy some sort of antique dresser or buffet to store things in on the wall that doesn't have the washer/dryer.

Either way, something has to change soon. I have a huge issue and that is if I don't like an area of my house, I don't spend any time there.  So, I've neglected that room almost all summer.  We need blinds out there, a new lighting fixture (oh my lord Mom please do not come see the dust on those fan blades) and I cringe every time I look at my mismatched hampers.

I've given Adam a little honey do list to knock out some other things that need to be done and I am focusing on this room.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

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