Monday, August 22, 2011

Softball is Life

As many of you know my husband Adam is a softball player.  Not just a softball player but a softball CHAMPION. Yup that's right. I'm married to a real life men's intramural softball CHAMPION.  Be jealous ladies.  Be jealous. 

Truth be told, it was my idea for Adam to start the softball thing.  I felt like he was always doing something for me and Aidan and I wanted to him to have something that was all about him.  Something he could do that would have nothing to do with ME. 

Little did I know what I was getting myself in to.  Uniforms, cleats, bats, score books, sponsors, practice, double headers, carpools...good gracious it's a lot.  He takes it very seriously.  When he says he's going to do something, he commits. 

Every week we have this fight about practice.  Adam doesn't get why I think practice takes over an entire day.  "It starts at 6PM." he says. 

I would have no problem moving dinner to later in the evening. I would just feed Aidan early and then Adam and I would eat when he got home but there is preparation for practice people and it looks like this:

Mon-Sat: Talk about practice every night. 


9am (we sleep in on Sundays) : Out of bed.  Talking about practice this afternoon.

Noon time:  Reminds me again about practice.

2PM: Prep starts.  That includes:
Making sure the balls are in the bucket, bats are in the bag, cleats are clean, glove is oiled, every sheet of paper left in the house has been taken over by this weeks "line up", phone calls to confirm everyone is still coming. 

4PM: Take off to pick up half of the team in 4 door sedan.  This takes extra time because of course it is mandatory to stop a few places for beer .

5PM: Drive almost an hour to the "perfect" softball field.  The one in the neighborhood won't do because the bases are too far apart and there is grass in the in-field. 

6PM-7:30: Practice

7:30-9PM: Drop off team. More beer.

9:15PM:  Arrives home...Honey why are you mad? Want to hear about practice?

Someone help me out here?   The only thing worse is GAME DAY.

(a very manly softball collage) Pics via Me and Jess.


The Whitakers said...

Well I can't relate, but you made me laugh!! Love the "manly collage"!

Jess H. Payne said...

Ok, this is the greatest thing I have ever read. I'm seriously going to print it and put it on the fridge! lol!! I have an advantage over you because the field is in my neighborhood, BUT now Chris rides his dirt bike/4wheeler to practice (the neighbors love us).

Kate G. said...

GRASS IN THE INFIELD??? Oh the travesty!