Sunday, August 8, 2010

Birthday Weekend

When I was younger I always hated my birthday being in the summer because everyone else's mom made cupcakes and sent them to school with them to celebrate and all day long people would tell them Happy Birthday. Not me! I was always hoping and praying that I could plan a little party during a time where all my friends were home from being at the beach or wherever their parents had taken them that summer. 

Now, I love that my birthday is in the summer.  I was on a pretty good role of going to the beach every year for my birthday until my parents decided to rent the beach house.  Those were great times.  All my friends, packed in a couple of SUV's would head down to sunny Folly Beach, SC for a week of partying.  Yes, believe it or not, I used to party and it wasn't that long ago. 

This year for my birthday it was much more low key but I did manage to put on something cute and celebrate with my hubby and one of my besties Amanda.    Even though Amanda and I joked all day about how we have forgotten how to go out we did it pretty well last night.    Thanks for a great birthday girl, I love you.

My Blackberry has broken down from the overflow of Facebook messages and my mantle is filled with cards.  My dad sang me Happy Birthday every time I talked to him and he included Obama in the fun since he and I share a birthday (Happy Birthday Mr. President and April) . My mom had the entire fam over for dinner and ordered Polka Dot Bake Shop cupcakes that were nothing short of amazing.  Aidan has told everyone it's his Mommy's birthday and Adam has been referring to me as his Birthday Girl.   I definitely felt the love this week/end and I'm always sad it's over.  We may start celebrating half birthdays around here.  An excuse to eat cupcakes twice a year and sing? Bring. It. On.

So, I was sitting around reflecting today on how much has changed just in the past year and nothing is any different than I thought it would be.   26 was a filler year for me.   Like when you watch Grey's Anatomy and nothing exciting really happens, that's a filler episode.  26=filler year. Get it? I loved being 26 because it was another year of being a mom and another year being married to my amazing husband but we should see more action in year 27. 

We're starting it off with our trip to Boston at the end of the month and we may even take our honeymoon this year.   Maybe we'll even finally have baby number 2.  Whatever it is, I can't wait. 

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Kate G. said...

Glad you had a great weekend, birthday buddy!