Thursday, December 30, 2010

White Christmas

Remember that little bit of snow I told you about on Christmas? Well when Adam woke me up with hot chocolate on Sunday, it was still coming down!   I love the snow!  We both wish we lived somewhere that is snowed often.  I loved waking up when I was little to snow half way up the fron door.  The guy that had to shovel it {Daddy Decot} probably didn't love it.  Reason #978 why we should probably move to Massachusetts soon.

Parent's Neighborhood

Parent's House. 
7 blocks away at the Harvey Household...
Aidan riding his new Four Wheeler in the snow.

He is so cute. 

I could probably count on two hands how many pictures there are of me on this blog.  So, I of course took a self portrait in the front door.  Now you know I exsist.
Later on in the afternoon we took a drive to the Adam's old neighborhood.

This barn was on his old street.  I love it!  I was snapping pics and daydreaming about how much fun the three of us could have on a little bit of land and some farm animals.  Can you see the cows?
A wreath on the barn? Seriously after my own heart. 

Horses.  This was as close as we could get but they are wearing coats.

There is still some snow hanging around but it's been warm enough to go without your coat for the past two days.  It's such a tease when it snow's here!  My girlfriend Natalie just traveled from Natick, MA to spend New Years with us and the pictures of her house in the snow {think Blizzard 2010} made me so jealous!

Here's hoping we get some more snow in the New Year!!!

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Kate G. said...

Wow, you might love snow as much as I do! The pictures are beautiful, I love snow-covered trees...