Friday, December 10, 2010

Twas' the Night We Bought Our Xmas Tree and All The Pictures Were Fuzzy

I grew up getting my tree at the Simpson's lot on Kings Dr. and Adam even got his tree there a time or two as a child. Now it's our family tradition to get our family tree there.  We love the tree lot.  Every year it puts us in the mood for the season.  The nicest people work there, they are reasonably priced and they have the best trees and a great wreath selection and tons of mistle toe for sale!   So, last Thursday we finally made it out to pick out our 2010 tree.  
For some reason my camera was horrible the other night. I have never had problems with it taking such terrible pictures. I tried several settings and nothing worked.  The only pictures that came out were the ones where I used my Automatic setting and the flash made those pictures terrible. Anyone have advice for me on this one? 

The boys take off to find the Harvey Family Christmas Tree.
 Posing for pictures that we can't even see now.
 Still cute.
 There she is! The perfect tree.
 Fuzzy McFuzzerson's
 Except for this one...but the flash is terrible.  I  need to take a class on how to use my camera ASAP!

 Quick Pic in Santa's Sleigh
 Loaded up and ready to head home. 

Post with pics of decorating tree to come!

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