Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cards @ Cardstore.com

This year I had every intention of getting my Christmas cards designed and ordered in record time.   I have come to realize as the mother of one very active {but always adorable} three year old, things don't always go as planned.  Last week I was finally able to narrow down my selections and get my order placed. 

This year I was contacted by cardstore.com and asked if I would be interested in doing a review of their website.  I am always up to try out new websites.   I can't say enough good things about this company. When I first got on the website, I spent hours checking out all the different cards.  They have over 7,000 designs.  I knew I wanted a photo card with the option to add multiple photos because you know everyone wants to see as many pics of the kid as possible. I was pleasantly surprised at how many options there were.  I ended up designing four or five cards because I couldn't choose just one!  In the end, I ordered two styles because there was just no other option. They were both too cute!  Here are a few of the cards I fell in love with...

I love the simplicity of this card. 
How cute is this?  It secretly made me wish I knew about this website before Aidan came along!  It would have been a great first Christmas card for Adam and I.
I just loved the Snowflake border on this card.  It has me dreaming of a White Christmas.  {It had Adam wondering how this family got their grass so green.} 

These are the two we chose.
This first one was perfect to send to all our relatives that don't get to see Aidan often {and obviously don't read the blog} and needed some updated pictures of him.
and this one we just couldn't resist because we had the perfect picture to add to it.   Everything about the season makes me Merry.
I will upload our actual cards once I get them sent out. I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Here is the link to the rest of their great Holiday Card selection.  They also have gift tags for the season, an entire section of cards where 40% of your sale goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and for all you DIYers out there, they have cards you can embellish all on your own!!!

The process was super simple to get these made and although I had no trouble at all, they have a toll free number you can call for any questions! Did I mention you can upload your address book and they will mail the cards for you?  How convenient. 

And for the lovely readers of this blog they are offering 20% off now through December 31, 2010 on your entire purchase! Just enter this code at Checkout.

*Side Note*
I am also thinking about purchasing some personalized stationery for my mom, myself and maybe even Aidan.

You know I love anything to do with animal prints!

Seriously how cute is this? 
And for the Fire Truck loving three year old...

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!!!
Thank you cardstore.com!

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